Minor Ailments N.Ireland

The 'Minor Ailments Service, is a FREE service provided by Collinward Pharmacy Group and other community pharmacies which allows for a free consultation and prescription treatment for a range of health conditions.

Collinward Pharmacy Group can recognise many common health complaints. We can give advice or, where appropriate, medicines that will help clear up the problem. Should the problem be more serious, then we will advise you to see your GP instead.

Minor Ailments

Ailments covered by the service include:

  • Athletes Foot
  • Diarrhoea
  • Head Lice
  • Dhobie (Jock) Itch
  • Threadworms
  • Vaginal Thrush
  • Cold Sores
  • Ear Wax
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Oral Thrush

Should you wish to avail of this service please be assured that we preserve patient confidentiality at all times.