Medicine Use Review

Currently the Medicine Use Review Service is only available to patients diagnosed with Asthma, or other chronic pulmonary diseases and Diabetics. However, the Medicine Use Review Service should be expanded to include other chronic illnesses in the future.

Medicicine Use Review Northern Ireland

The Colinward Pharmacy staff are trained to assist you with any issues regarding your inhalers or medication. We work closely with the patient to ensure the symptons of your condition are comfortably controlled and maintained to ensure you good quality of life. To assist you we will explain what your medicines treat, how best to take your medicine and at what time to get the optimun results.

Should you wish to avail of the Medicine Use Review Service just phone or call into a Colinward Pharmacy to make an appointment – you may be asked to bring your medication/inhalers to this appointment. Additionally, your GP may refer you to a Phamacist for this service and the Colinward Pharmacy Team are the perfect choice.