Medicine Management & Compliance Aids

For a Medicine Management Review you can phone or call in to one of our Pharmacies to book an appointment with a Colinwood Pharmacist.

During the appointment we will look at the medication you are taking and we will ask how effective they are for you, how you take them and recommend how to get the best from your medication. We will advise if you should take your medication before food or with food and if you should avoid some foods when taking certain medications as they may react negatively together.

Our Pharmacist will chat to you in an informal and friendly manner, putting you at you ease. Together, we can look at a better system for you to get the optimum results from your medicines.

Medicine management

We will review:

  • Your current medication
  • How they should work
  • How they are currently working
  • What you should do to make them work more effectively

We may advise that:

  • You avoid certain foods or remedies while taking your medication
  • Your medication is taken before or after food to avoid stomach irritation
  • Some tablets should not be crushed in case they need to be released slowly into your system


The review may find that you no longer need certain medicines or we may suggest alternatives to help avoid possible side effects that you are currently experiencing.

If you are having difficulty remembering to take your medication, then we have a range of compliance aids to help you manage your medicines better.

Please contact us today for your a free Medicine Review.